Wednesday 18th –at 18:00 o’clock – Opening of the Exhibition ‘Stimulating Synapse’ International Artists Residency, 9 – 18 February 2015 Curation: Branko Franceschi

EMAA and Rooftop present the artistic outcome of this first residency in the ‘Stimulating Synapse’ exhibition, with the works of the participating artists Carl Michael von Hausswolff (Sweden), Ana Elizabet (Croatia), Paul Devens (Netherlands), Erhan Oze (Cypriot) and Eleni Phyla (Cypriot), who have all also agreed to donate these works of art to EMAA,  giving a further chance to this exhibition to be hosted in other cities of the island..

As the Croatian curator Branko Franceschi says:
“The group of European and Cypriot artists at the end created an ambience, consisting of long term projects, project proposals, web platform, interactive, participatory art works and sound installations that reflect present division and hopes with vigor, vision and humor.”

Venue: EMAA Capital Art Center, Nicosia
Photo: artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff