Wednesday-Thursday 30/11-1/12/2016 – “Visual Arts in Post-Truth Age” – 2day talks by Turkish Art Critic and Curator Mrs Beral Madra

Wednesday-Thursday 30/11-1/12/2016 – “Visual Arts in Post-Truth Age” – 2day talks by Turkish Art Critic and Curator Mrs Beral Madra

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Confrontation through Art concludes the series of talks on Contemporary Art for adult Turkish Cypriot artists and art-lovers, with the revered Art Critic and Curator Mrs Beral Madra, who will be delivering her lectures on 30th of November and 1st of December at EMAA Captial Art Center (18:00-21:00 UTC+03:00).
Both talks will be in Turkish

beral_madra“Visual Arts in Post-Truth Age”

In the age of perpetual crisis predicted when humanity entered into the age of globalisation and visual information and culture one of the most effective tools of communication, collaboration and participation are provided with contemporary art works and contemporary art making, which is the major component of global culture industry.
The relational aesthetics of this production empowers the theoretical and practical communication and collaboration between all sciences, humanities and academic divisions as well as between all the realities of human life in this planet.
Effective reading of art works, which includes making predictions based on prior knowledge, checking understanding, asking questions is first of all an essential parameter for an intellectual achievement. But also an ability to overcome the confusions created by political and economic manipulated information, visual pollution and excess of tragedy.
Art-making, artworks and constructed images, which have socio-political content and intention have this particular character and form of counter-criticism. They reflect an ambiguous whole of opposite/offensive and complementary/substitute position. They are contrary and offensive, yet also complementary and substitutive for the representation and metaphors of real life, for the realities and global events. History and art history is quite crammed full with “critical images” that have created political, social and cultural catastrophe.
The seminar will present purposes of image reading, evaluation of art works, follow up important concepts, ideas, statements, interpret and get involved in the debates of contemporary art subjects and the role of the curator, disseminating these art works.

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