European Mediterranean Art Association (EMAA) and Rooftop Theatre Group, cordially invite you to the closing event of their project:

Confrontation through Art:
Contemporary Art as an Instrument for Reconciliation in Cyprus

29 June 2017, Thursday / 19:00 / EMAA Capital Art Centre

Ms. Michela Foresti, Head of Programme Team at European Commission will inaugurate the event. This project is funded by the European Union under the Cypriot Civil Society in Action programme.

Join us and find out about the implemented activities and flip through the pages of our new art project catalogue, enjoying drinks and music in the EMAA garden.

For further information please get in touch with:

Özgül Ezgin : 00 90 533 864 04 18 |
Argryo Toumazou : 00 357 99 31 7278 |
Venue: EMAA Capital Art Centre , Belediye Street, No 1, Yenişehir Nicosia

The European Mediterranean Art Association (EMAA) and the Rooftop Theatre Group have cooperated in the EU funded project “Confrontation Through Art: Contemporary Art as an Instrument for Reconciliation in Cyprus”, from 2014 till 2017, and are finalizing the project with a public event, in an evening of presentations of all the implemented activities, presenting project’s catalogue with music and drinks in the EMAA garden. Dignitaries, artists as well as the wider public are invited to attend.

The 36-month long project was funded by the European Union under the Cypriot Civil Society in Action programme and was the result of a cooperation between the following two non-profit associations  EMAA and Rooftop Theatre Group, both earning years of experience in bi-communal and international activities. The main objective of this project was to contribute to enhancing reconciliation, peaceful co-existence, tolerance and creative problem-solving awareness and skills of diverse segments of Cypriot communities through Contemporary Art.  The project brought young and adult artists of the two Cypriot communities together to discuss, produce and express their views on the Cyprus problem and other societal problems, not only with a Cypriot perspective but also with artists from Greece, Turkey and other European countries. It also targeted children and young people from rural areas across Cyprus, in providing them with the space and skills to collectively work, express and produce to build trust and understand “the other” through contemporary Art.

The project closing event will take place on Thursday, the 29th of June 2017 at 19:00 at EMAA Capital Art Center. Ms. Michela Foresti, Head of Programme Team at the European Commission –, will address the launching. The Presidents of the Boards of EMAA and Rooftop Theatre Group, Ms Zehra Sonya and Ms Ellada Evangelou respectively, will also welcome everyone and explain the scope of their cooperation. The two Project Co-ordinators Ozgul Ezgin and Argyro Toumazou will then present in detail all the activities materialised in the last three years as well as launching the art catalogue of their project. The evening will continue in the gardens of EMAA with live music by Gizem Akbil ft. Caravan Blue, drinks and snacks.

Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot artists and curators present the exhibition Confrontation through Art Remix

CtA – REMIX, Nicosia
Opening: 16 June 2017, 19:30
Venue: 1010 Hall
(by the Ledra street green line)

Duration: 16 25 June 2017,
Opening hours: 11:0013:00 / 18:0021:00

The CtA – REMIX exhibition presents a select of the resulting artworks of the five Artists’ Residencies Programmes which took place between 2015-16 in Nicosia (3), Athens and Berlin, with the participation of Greek Cypriot, Turkish Cypriot and European artists (34 in total). The Cyprus-centred concept of the residencies inspired the artists to research and self-express, highlighting their aesthetic, experiential and evolutionary results in practice, within the scope and vision of the original artworks produced.

CtA REMIX is a true remix of experiences, reflections, challenges, actions and discussions, given as feedback by each Residency to the CtA Programme, restructured and refocused on the juxtaposition of visual and social deliberations through art. Furthermore, it is an ‘a posteriori’ remix of artworks, archive material and publications, giving the exhibition its own autonomous expression, and providing a social and artistic meaning that is friendly to the public.

The five Residencies form part of the broader bi-communal project Confrontation through Art developed and implemented by NGOs European Mediterranean Art Association (EMAA) and Rooftop Theatre Group and funded by the European Union under the Cypriot Civil Society in Action programme. The project aimed to contribute to the enhancement of peaceful co-existence, tolerance and creative problem-solving awareness and skills within artistic circles and other diverse segments of the Cypriot communities. It focused on bringing together young and mature artists to discuss, produce and express views on the Cyprus problem and related social challenges.

The CtA – Remix exhibition is also supported by Stelios Philanthropic Foundation Bi-communal Awards 2016, 1010Hall – Irina Tryfonos and the Cultural Services of the Republic of Cyprus.

Confrontation through Art concludes the series of talks on Contemporary Art for adult Turkish Cypriot artists and art-lovers, with the revered Art Critic and Curator Mrs Beral Madra, who will be delivering her lectures on 30th of November and 1st of December at EMAA Captial Art Center (18:00-21:00 UTC+03:00).
Both talks will be in Turkish

beral_madra“Visual Arts in Post-Truth Age”

In the age of perpetual crisis predicted when humanity entered into the age of globalisation and visual information and culture one of the most effective tools of communication, collaboration and participation are provided with contemporary art works and contemporary art making, which is the major component of global culture industry.
The relational aesthetics of this production empowers the theoretical and practical communication and collaboration between all sciences, humanities and academic divisions as well as between all the realities of human life in this planet.
Effective reading of art works, which includes making predictions based on prior knowledge, checking understanding, asking questions is first of all an essential parameter for an intellectual achievement. But also an ability to overcome the confusions created by political and economic manipulated information, visual pollution and excess of tragedy.
Art-making, artworks and constructed images, which have socio-political content and intention have this particular character and form of counter-criticism. They reflect an ambiguous whole of opposite/offensive and complementary/substitute position. They are contrary and offensive, yet also complementary and substitutive for the representation and metaphors of real life, for the realities and global events. History and art history is quite crammed full with “critical images” that have created political, social and cultural catastrophe.
The seminar will present purposes of image reading, evaluation of art works, follow up important concepts, ideas, statements, interpret and get involved in the debates of contemporary art subjects and the role of the curator, disseminating these art works.

Pls. read the following:…/ISTANBUL_FROSTY_SPOT_OF_CONTEMPO……/Catalogue_Text_for_Andrej_Derkov…

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It was great having you all at the opening of Children at ARTWork and Play exhibition on Saturday evening. Thank you all for all the support 💜 








Coordinator of the Technical Committees Mr. Andreas Pirishis, TC president of bi communal Technical Committee for Education Ms. Meltem Samani, representing EU Commission Ms. Michela Foresti, Presidents of EMAA and Rooftop Theatre Group Mr. Osman Keten, Ms. Ellada Evangelou, Mayor of Lefke Mr. Aziz Kaya, the President and members of the Community Council of Flasou Antonis Nicholaides and President of Linou community council Athina Georgiou, instructors Antignoni Sofocleous, Sinem Ertaner, Zehra Sonya, Polly Flourentzou, Marilena Kyriakou, Fatma Giritli, Oya Akin, Stefanos Karampampas and Naz Atun.. And of course our participating kids and guests …

Ozgul Ezgin & Argyro Toumazou
Project Coordinators

Opening: 26th November 2016, Saturday evening at 18:00 (GMT +2)
at Goethe Institute, Ledra Palace buffer zone, Nicosia
Open on 28th / 29th / 30th November 2016 –  visiting hours: 10:00 – 18:00

Confrontation through Art has completed almost 20 workshops in art, drama and animation in all four villages around Cyprus and has the great pride and pleasure to exhibit all the artworks created by the children and youth of Solia, Lefke, Rizokarpaso and Athienou during the summers of 2015 and 2016, in one show:
Children at Artwork and Play

The Confrontation through Art program for children and youth, has brought together a plurality of program partners, particularly from the Solia and Lefke area, and the work done to bring the two regions closer through the applied arts workshops, is truly innovative.

The exhibition Children at Artwork and Play carries the multiple artworks, animation and drama videos, evidencing the creative workshops performed in each village, as well as in alternate common visits to Greek / Turkish Cypriot villages. Furthermore it is curated by the Cypriot artists-instructors who worked with the children: Antignoni Sofocleous, Sinem Ertaner, Zehra Sonya, Polly Flourentzou, Marilena Kyriakou, Fatma Giritli, Oya Akin, Ellada Evangleou, Stefanos Karampampas & Naz Atun.

EMAA and Rooftop partners are happy to host Mr. Andreas Pirishis, Coordinator of the Technical Committees and Ms Meltem Onurkan Samani, President of the Technical Committee for Education to inaugurate the exhibition, while Ms. Michela Foresti from the European Commission and Community Representatives will join, greet the children and celebrate their common works.

APPLY NOW! – Open Call Deadline: 6th November 2016
Click here for Concept / Application / Guidelines

OPEN CALL title: “Dig Where You Stand”
… reference to Sven Lindqvist’s book of 1978, which explores the idea of researching the history of one’s own workplace

Berlin curator Naomi Hennig

Berlin curator Naomi Hennig

The European Mediterranean Art Association (EMAA) and the Rooftop Theatre Group are announcing their last Open Call for 4 Young Cypriot Artists to participate in a 10-day Residency/workshop/exhibition, which will take place in Berlin during December 2016, within the framework of the EU funded project “Confrontation Through Art: Contemporary Art as an Instrument for Reconciliation in Cyprus”, 2014-2017.

The Residency will be curated by independent curator Ms Naomi Hennig (Berlin, see CV), who will lead a group of 8 artists, 4 Cypriot artists to be selected by the curator through this Open Call, and another 4 European artists to be invited. Cypriot artists have until the the 6th of November 2016,  to apply and will be notified of the selection by the 10th November 2016. The group will meet in Berlin, live and work together on the concept proposed between 1 – 10th December 2016, and produce an exhibition.

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