Educative presentations in Turkish

Series of 5 educative presentations/lectures in Turkish on contemporary art issues


Dates: 30 November & 1 December 2016
Time: 18:00-21:00 UTC+03:00)
Place: EMAA Capital Art Center

“Visual Arts in Post-Truth Age”

Ending the series on Contemporary Art for adult Turkish Cypriot artists and art-lovers, with the Art Critic and Curator Mrs Beral Madra.
“In the age of perpetual crisis predicted when humanity entered into the age of globalisation and visual information and culture one of the most effective tools of communication, collaboration and participation are provided with contemporary art works and contemporary art making, which is the major component of global culture industry.”  Read more here


zeynep-yasa-yamanDates: 27-28 November 2015
Time: 18:00-21:00
Place: EMAA Capital Art Center

“Art history readings” – two day s’ seminar

The third theoretical Seminar by the Art-historian Professor
Dr. Zeynep Yasa Yaman on “Art work Readings“, how to read Contemporary Art




Canan Şenol

Second Theoretical Seminar by artist Canan Şenol on “Feminist Art From Turkey“, short CV
Dates: 26-27 February 2015
Time: 18:00-21:00
Place: EMAA Capital Art Center




Ahu-AntmenFirst Lecture was given by Associate Professor Ahu Antmen on “Feminist Approaches to Art History and Its Practices”

Dates: 25-26 September 2014
Time: 18:00-21:00
Place: EMAA Capital Art Center



Young Artist Development Programme

This programme holds three residencies in Cyprus, Greece and Germany for Cypriot, Greek, Turkish and European artists. Each programme which consists of 10-day collaborative living, learning and creating, will be guided and curated by an international curator, and will result to an exhibition of produced art works.

Germany – Berlin
Residency dates: 1 – 10 December, 2016
Exhibition venue & dates: uqbar project space, 1 – 17th /12/2016
Title: “Dig Where You Stand”
… reference to Sven Lindqvists book of 1978, which explores the idea of researching the history of one’s own workplace
Click here for Concept in English, and Concept in Greek

Berlin curator Naomi Hennig

Berlin curator Naomi Hennig



Curator: Naomi Hennig
Andrea Palašti (Serbia, CV), Anne Baumann (Germany, CV), Gwendolen Dupré (Scotland, CV), Thomas Anderson (Scotland, CV)
Cypriot artists selected: Anastasia Mina (CV), Adonis Archontides (CV), Meray Diner (CV) and Dicle Ozluses (CV)
















Greece – Athens 
Residency dates: 7 – 16 May, 2016
Exhibition venue & dates: circuits+currents – Project Space of the Athens School of Fine Arts, 16 – 22 May 2016
Click here for Concept in EnglishConcept in Greek, Concept in Turkish
foto LedakiSlide1

Curator: Evangelia Ledaki (Greece, CV)

Elif Erkan (Germany), Ada Avetist (Austria), Petros Moris (Greece), Marianne Spurr (UK), Lito Kattou (Cyprus), Fatma Nur Ozogul (Cyprus), Sila Tufekcioglu (Cyprus), Eftychios Savvidis (Cyprus).














Cyprus – Nicosia 
Residency dates: 10 – 20 March, 2015
Exhibition venue & dates: EMAA Capital Art Center, 20/4 – 10/5/ 2015
Title: “Stepping Over the Borders
Read Concept here: Stepping Over the Borders

Basak Senova

Basak Senova

Alenka Gregorič

Alenka Gregorič

Curators: Basak Senova (CV) (Turkey) & Alenka Gregorič (CV) (Slovenian)
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Opening exhibition: 20th March

Tuhkanen Timo, Benji Boyadgian, Nika Autor, Ovidiu Anton, Christina Georgiou, Nurtane Karagil, Abdullah Denizhan and Marinos Houtris



The Residency group


Work by Marinos Houtris


International Adult Artists Development Programme

There will be two international Artists Development programmes each curated by an international curator where 10 artists from Cyprus and other European countries will get a chance to gain empathy, mutual understanding and problem-solving skills by creating together contemporary art works.
Beneficiaries: Cypriot, Greek, Turkish and European artists


Cyprus – Nicosia – 2nd International Artists Residency
Residency Title: “At the fruit stand! 
Dates: 25th February – 5th March 2016 – Nicosia
Exhibition dates & venue : 5 – 27 th March 2016, EMAA Capital Art Center
Exhibition Title: “where the sky and the earth touch (partial view)” 

Read exhibition statement here in English, Greek and Turkish

Viviaba Checchia foto

Curator: Viviana Checchia CV (Italian -working in the U.K.)

Participating artists:
Beatrice Catanzaro (cv), Sarah Beddington (cv),  Vivien Sansour (cv), Leontios Toumpouris (cv) & Abdullah Denizhan (cv)

Read more here


where the sky and the earth touch (partial view)

where the sky and the earth touch (partial view)

EMAA & ROOFTOP with project managers

EMAA & ROOFTOP with project managers

opening night all of us, artists, producers, organizers and distinguished guests

opening night
all artists, producers, organizers and distinguished guests











Cyprus – Nicosia – 1st International Artists Residency
Residency Dates: 9th – 18th  February 2015, Nicosia
Exhibition dates & venue : 18 th March –  6th April 2015, EMAA Capital Art Center
Title: “Stimulating Synapse 
Read Concept here: Stimulating Synapse (EN), Stimulating Synapse (GR)  

Branko Franceschi

Branko Franceschi


Curator:  Branko Franceschi – CV (Croatian)

Participating artists:

Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Ana Elizabet, Paul Devens, Erhan Oze, Eleni Phyla

Read more here











Activities in Villages

Activities in VillagesActivities in Villages – 4 villages across Cyprus
children/youth co-create art, theatre and animation

The main aim of these activities is to reach out to the rural areas and bring the trainings to the children and youth that lives there. There will be activities in 4 villages throughout Cyprus. The activities will be implemented in 2 villages per year, one on each side of the green line. This programme will be carried out in 5 stages. In stage 1, activities will take place at the villages; in stage 2 children and youth will be brought to the city of Lefkosia for museum and cultural sight visit; in stage 3, participant children and youth will meet in the Buffer Zone; stage 4 includes village visits. Each village under this program will visit the ‘other’ village and finally in stage 5, there will be a bi-communal workshop at the Buffer Zone where the participants will be able to work together and complete their production process and prepare the exhibition in cooperation with each other and their trainers.

Activity plan:
– Day-long workshops for children in villages
– Workshops in art, theatre and animation with Cypriot artists
– Visits to Nicosia museums/exhibitions of contemporary art
– Common meeting and creation between the children of the villages at Home for Cooperation, where both children and their parents are introduced to each other
– Exchange visits between the villages where children co-create and parents and fellow villagers are guided around the villages

Children in Villages program, Solia & Lefke areas,
July – 2016


Children at Artwork and Play exhibition

Opening: 26th November 2016, Saturday evening at 18:00 (GMT +2)
at Goethe Institute, Ledra Palace buffer zone, Nicosia
Open on 28th / 29th / 30th –  visiting hours: 10:00 – 18:00 


Confrontation through Art has completed almost 20 workshops in art, drama and animation in all four villages around Cyprus and has the great pride and pleasure to exhibit all the artworks created by the children and youth of Solia, Lefke, Rizokarpaso and Athienou during the summers of 2015 and 2016, in one show:
Children at Artwork and Play

The Confrontation through Art program for children and youth, has brought together a plurality of program partners, particularly from the Solia and Lefke area, and the work done to bring the two regions closer through the applied arts workshops, is truly innovative.

The exhibition Children at Artwork and Play carries the multiple artworks, animation and drama videos, evidencing the creative workshops performed in each village, as well as in alternate common visits to Greek / Turkish Cypriot villages. Furthermore it is curated by the Cypriot artists-instructors who worked with the children: Antignoni Sofocleous, Sinem Ertaner, Zehra Sonya, Polly Flourentzou, Marilena Kyriakou, Fatma Giritli, Oya Akin, Ellada Evangleou, Stefanos Karampampas & Naz Atun.

November 26th Saturday evening at 18:00 (GMT +2), – Opening of the exhibition at Goethe
EMAA and Rooftop partners are happy to host Mr. Andreas Pirishis, Coordinator of the Technical Committees and Ms Meltem Onurkan Samani, President of the Technical Committee for Education to inaugurate the exhibition, while Ms. Michela Foresti from the European Commission and Community Representatives will join, greet the children and celebrate their common works.


art-collages art-paintg-balls

workshops in art / drama / animation











Children in Villages program, Athienou & Rizokarpaso, July – October 2015

Workshops in Athienou

Workshops in Athienou and Rizokarpaso


A series of free art / drama / animation workshops, were offered to the two villages of Athienou and Rizokarpaso, for children and the youth.

The program begun late July and is realized through  September and October, aiming for a final exhibition/performance at the very end.

Youngsters also enjoyed visits to museums, theater, and  the Int’l Animation Festival, Animafest 2015.




Dissemination via a tri-lingual catalogue

art catalogueAll programme process will be documented, catalogued and disseminated to art related institutions both in Cyprus and abroad, as well as specialized journals and relevant local administration.