Özgül Ezgin

Ozgul_EzginÖzgül Ezgin graduated from University of Maryland with a BS degree in Computer Science. After returning back to Cyprus in 1989, she worked in private sector as a software developer for nearly 20 years.  She took up on art photography in 2000 and had her first solo exhibition in 2004. She has participated in various group exhibitions which took place in Cyprus, Turkey and Greece. She has also been involved in organizing bi communal art events since 2006. Some of the projects she co-coordinated are:

“Art Attack”, http://archive.undp-act.org/default.aspx?tabid=104&it=1&mid=789&itemid=0&langid=1&extraId=43

“Little Land Fish”, http://supremepolicy.blogspot.com/2011/02/istanbul-2010-ecoc-visual-arts-activity.html

“Wonder Women” http://www.cypruscommunitymedia.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=290:wonder-women-retell-the-news-exhibition-reaches-new-york-city&catid=44:latest-news&lang=en

“UNCOVERED” http://basaksenova.com/ex_24.html

See here AToumazou & OEzgin bi-comunal projects 2003 -2016 – photo presentation

She works and lives in Nicosia, Cyprus.