About Us

     Confrontation Through Art

Brief Description

The project is funded by the EU Commission’s aid package under Civil Society in Action in northern part of Cyprus. It’s a 30-month long project which was developed as a the result of years of experience of the European Mediterranean Art Association (EMAA) and various partners from different communities in Cyprus as well as other countries including Greece, Germany and Turkey. EMAA, in collaboration with the co-applicant Rooftop Theatre. The project was designed with a strong international dimension, with an objective to make participation and the learning experience from this project more multicultural and address the needs of the artists on the island (especially those living in the northern part) in order to have access to art in general, and in international settings.

Objectives of the Project

This project mainly aims to contribute to enhancing reconciliation, peaceful co-existence, tolerance and creative problem-solving awareness and skills of diverse segments of Cypriot communities. In order to achieve these goals, young and adult artists of the Cypriot communities will be brought together to discuss, produce and express views on the Cyprus problem and the societal problems it causes; also children and young people from the two communities living in rural areas will be brought together, to provide them with the space and skills to collectively work, express and produce to build trust and understand “the other” through Contemporary Art.

Target Groups

Main target groups of the project are Young Cypriot & European artists, children and young people from rural areas of Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot artists & art-lovers, Greek Cypriot, Turkish Cypriot & European adult artists.


Beneficiaries of the project

Artists in Cyprus, children and young people in Cyprus, families of children and young people who will participate in project activities, residents of villages selected and indirectly all people living in Cyprus.


Seeking Sponsors

The Program believes in the objective value of the activities planned, and in addition to the planned activities and outreach, is inviting Sponsors to contribute to the enrichment of cultural activity and expression in Cyprus. Beyond our present cycle of collaborators, locally and internationally, we are outreaching stakeholders from the Arts, Education, NGO and other sectors in order to enrich and cross-pollinate the ideas of the project into other sectors and groups.

Meet The Team

Özgül Ezgin

Project Coordinator

Argyro Toumazou

Project Assistant Coordinator

Zehra Şonya

President of EMAA

Ellada Evangelou

President of Rooftop Theatre Group

Zoe Kakota

Treasurer of Rooftop